Psychiatrist, Advocate for Patient Care

Chapter 1:

Focus on the Patient

Chapter 2:

Canary in the Coal Mine

Chapter 3:

The Evolution of top-Down Medical Care

Chapter 4:

Human Relations Matter Most

Chapter 5:

Lessons Learned

Chapter 6:

Going Independent Meant Refusing

Third-Party Payments

Chapter 7:

​Data-Bane or Blessings?

Chapter 8:

Data and Physician Burnout

Chapter 9:

Codes and More Codes

Chapter 10:

Much More than Diagnosis

How I Practiced Psychiatry: Part I

Chapter 11:

Patient-Centered Care Faces Many Challenges

How I Practiced Psychiatry: Part II

Chapter 12:

The "Best" Patient-Physician Model

Skin in the Game for Physicians and Patients

Chapter 13:

Funding Medical Care with Skin in the Game

Preserving and Protecting the Patient-Physician Relationship

Chapter 14:

​Paying for Medical Care

Table of Contents

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