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those who suffer to care. So, Passion for Patients, by Alethos Press, St Paul, MN, 2017, is a very appropriate title and worthy of one’s attention.

Early on, in Chapter 2, the apt analogy of the "canary in the coal mine" is applied to key parts of our rapidly deteriorating medical care system. I, as a long time practicing general internist, feel like a fellow canary with Dr Beecher, as we both practiced our specialties over many decades within a rapidly changing, complex healthcare delivery system. Full disclosure, the coauthors and I are intimately acquainted through our mutual participation in the Minnesota Physician-Patient Alliance, a local non-profit medical care policy think tank. So I can and should be considered a choir member to what is being preached in this new literary effort, yet this book is certainly not preachy - prescient, yes.Our small, fragile and private clinical "mines", our exam rooms, are being severely threatened, and those key participants in that delicate environment are, as well, as something is sucking its vital "oxygen" away, being overwhelmed and consumed by clinically uninvited behemoths who've been given inappropriate access as third-party payers for what used to be small private and highly confidential professional encounters... 

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worth its price? What the biases of its reviewer?

This book is the story of the 40-year career of Doctor Lee Beecher, a clinical psychiatrist. It is the story of how managed care and ObamaCare has affected Doctor Beecher’s practice and how it has altered and disrupted the practices of other physicians.

It is the story of misdirected top down third party interferences into patient –doctor relationships.

It is the story of how noble intentions, to offer affordable insurance coverage to all Americans, have gone awry...

Putting the CARE Back in Health Care
Book Review by Greg Scandlen

A Story Worth Reading
Book Review by Richard L. Reece, MD

Whenever I read a book review, I ask myself: What is the book about? Is it 

Psychiatrist rejects ‘physician as cog’ model of care

By: Rodrigo A. MuÑoz, MD

March 10, 2017

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Has the Canary Died?
Book Review By Donald E. Gehrig, MD

I highly recommend this new book by Lee Beecher, MD and David Racer, MLitt. It is, quite literally, about the care of those who suffer by 

This book could not be more timely, from my point of view. It is a perfect companion to my Myth Busters book. Where my book looks at the failure of evolving public policy in health care from the 20,000-foot level, this book looks at the same phenomena from the ground level – the impact on patients and especially on physicians.

 Sadly, it is a grim tale. Dr. Beecher seems like a wonderful man and a caring (“passionate’) psychiatrist. He has been through it all...